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(SPORTS TALK) Importance Of Segment Placement

This week on The Dan Sileo Show on The Mighty 1090 here in San Diego, I learned a great lesson in segment placement on my morning radio show.

This week, the San Diego State Aztecs were in the middle of a great run in the NCAA Tournament and all of our shows on the station were covering the team wall to wall. On Thursday, I had two great college basketball analysts on the show in Andy Katz and Jay Bilas of ESPN, talking about the Aztec and their chances on beating a  great Arizona Wildcat team. Plus, I had on a great football analyst in Alex Marvez from Fox Sports One talking Chargers -- all falling in the PPM way of doing radio. Staying local.

However, my GM at 1090 Norm Feur called my PD Mike Shepard and said, "Hey, on one of the biggest days of the year for the station, Sileo is talking Chargers?" At first, I was ticked off about that comment. But as my PD and APD Joe Tutino sat back and I thought about my GM's comments, I realized there was a lot of merit in what he said.

With the PPM system being what it is, the average radio listener listens to only about four minutes of a radio show each day. The importance of resetting the major local story of the day is critical in delivering what the audience wants to hear: "Play the hits." It really didn't matter what a great show I had put on or that I talked 95 percent of my show about Aztecs basketball. There was a segment of my show that people missed out on with the major story of the day: Aztec basketball.

It really made me think more than ever about the way we all construct an hour of a show. It is so important to play local sound on rejoins and always make sure you deliver to your audience the major local story, or your audience will tune out and look for other shows that will deliver what they are looking for.

An hour of a show should always be constructed so the local listener feels the host is in touch with the local stories or, no matter how good a show you do, they will tune out. The audience wants to feel a local show is plugged into the community. Lesson learned!
Just remember, the PPM world wants local hosts to deliver the hits and make sure they are local hits – or else you will be tuned out.

Dan Sileo is a former professional football player with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He can be heard during morning drive on San Diego’s The Mighty 1090.

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