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Buzz Knight

"Do it Right" Lessons From Jimmy Fallon


History will bear out the success or failure of NBC's big move of Jimmy Fallon to the Tonight Show, but until then there are some great lessons for radio to consider from this process.

One big takeaway that hit me right away was the comment that Stephen Burke, the chief executive of NBC Universal made when he made a financial commitment involving studio remodeling to Ted Harbert (the chairman of broadcasting for NBC): "Do it right."

Think about how that comment should be a driving force for everything we do in our business with regard to our product: the talent content, the imaging, the contest and promotional filter, the digital strategy, the social media strategy, the listener/customer service strategy, the marketing strategy. "Do it Right" should be the mantra.

Think about how many times we have all heard "we can't do that" or "we haven't done it that way before" when we are around a planning process.

Maybe we have even uttered those words ourselves and didn't even realize it.

"Doing it right" consisted of hiring Eugene Lee a renowned theatrical set designer and hiring Spike Lee to direct an opening sequence shot.

Lorne Michaels the executive producer of the show has a unique perspective considering his Saturday Night Live history with NBC: "Broadcast has been in decline since I got here in 1975, no one was spending any money. Even at SNL our balcony is still classified as temporary. These guys are spending real money. Steve Burke and Brian Roberts of Comcast, they believe this is the future, as opposed to "We're stalling on the present as long as we can."

Another great lesson in the pursuit of excellence that should be imbedded in everything we do.

So when we gather our team together and plot out world domination, or at least market domination, let's "do it right."

That mentality not only drives our own greatness but pushes our industry!

Buzz Knight is the Vice President of Program Development for Greater Media and he can be reached at Knight was named among “Best Programmers” by Radio Ink Magazine in 2007 and 2010. He has served on the programming subcommittee of the National Association of Broadcasters(NAB) and is currently a member of the Nielsen Radio Advisory Council and the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) COLRAM Committee.

(5/1/2015 1:53:01 AM)
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- OlRFVzCxYh
(2/19/2014 11:34:19 AM)
Agreed, Buzz - and from as many quarters as possible as often as possible. I'm glad to see serious people chanting. :)

- Ronald
(2/19/2014 10:10:32 AM)
Rpnald: Completely understand your point. Still think its an important mantra to try and push

- Buzz Knight
(2/19/2014 9:37:11 AM)
My question, Buzz - and I'm stone-cold sincere about this - is: How many station owners and managers even have a "pursuit of excellence" notation scrawled anywhere on their "to do" lists....?

- Ronald

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