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Wayne Ens

Measuring Success In 2014


The analytics we have available for all things digital today are amazing. One analytics vendor amazed me this week with their suite of offerings, so much so that Im going to invest in their service.

Their algorithms can calculate a digital presence score for any local business, and their competitors, in any market. Their analytics can give a combined digital score for all digital properties from mobile to search and from social to websites, or they can score and rank a business digital presence on each platform separately.

I see it as a huge tool for media account executives to open the door to new prospects and cement relationships with existing clients by discussing the advertisers ratings instead of the stations ratings.

But heres the thing. We chose automotive dealers in Cape Coral, Florida, to demo the product. The dealer that had the highest Web presence or buzz was nowhere near the highest volume dealership, and the dealership that had by far the best sales, ranked below several competitors in digital presence.

Now thats not to say that the high digital presence score for the under-performing dealer might not translate to sales somewhere down the road.

But at the end of the day, the only tally that matters is sales. Top-of-mind awareness or share-of-mind scores do consistently relate directly to sales results. Share-of-mind category winners like McDonalds for fast food and Campbells for soup are also their category sales winners.

In the local share-of-mind surveys we conduct, were also able to prove with local data that high SOM (Share of Mind) scores are by far the best SEO (search engine optimization).

Our surveys have proven consumers searching the Internet online or via mobile, have a strong preference for businesses that are top-of-mind in their category.

Interestingly, in the more than 100 markets weve surveyed, the share-of-mind winners consistently have a strong radio and/or TV presence in their media mix.

The only exception to that rule is in a market where no business in a particular category uses broadcast. In the absence of competitors using radio or TV, a business can sometimes achieve top share-of-mind by default with a strong street presence or long-time heritage in the market. Of course, those businesses that capture share-of-mind by default are vulnerable if a competitor does start to use broadcast to capture share-of-mind.

Wayne ENS is president of ENS Media Inc He may be contacted at

(1/30/2014 3:35:26 PM)
Wayne needs to stop power-leaning! Oh, you intimidate me! LMFAO!!!

- Cretin
(1/30/2014 3:32:29 PM)
"It's too bad how Wayne's comments get shuffled away in order for some cretin to "get to me".

Yes it is! Watch your name-calling, wannabe! LMFAO!!!

- This place is a rag!
(1/30/2014 2:27:26 PM)
It's too bad how Wayne's comments get shuffled away in order for some cretin to "get to me".
If getting to me is considered an ideal worth pursuing, we can all forget any hope this individual might turn Pro - ever.

- Ronald T.
(1/30/2014 2:23:33 PM)

- Ronald T.
(1/30/2014 12:33:33 PM)
"Another genuine contribution ruined by an innocuous, trolling prick. Is this going to be allowed for any length of time....?"

I'm finally getting to him! Watch your language little man! LOL!

- I hope so!

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