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Another Rock Station Bites The Dust


The aging rock format took another lethal body blow over the holidays. This one in Houston. The 20-year rocker owned by Clear Channel turned into "93-7 The Beat." The format will be Hip Hop and R&B and will include music from Kanye West, Drake, Chris Brown, J.Cole, Jay-Z,  Rihanna and Beyonce. Just last month legendary 40-year Long Island rocker WRCN was flipped to all news by JVC Broadcasting."

Clear Channel Market Manager Eddie Martiny said, "93-7 The Beat is ready to write a new chapter in Houston radio history. We’re defining real hip hop and R&B. Many of the biggest stars in this format live in Houston, so to move the station in this direction was a natural choice. In addition, The Beat format will perfectly complement the five other radio stations in our cluster by making us more attractive and diverse to our advertising community."

(1/2/2014 4:24:26 PM)
classic rock/southern rock is far from dead, it made our station and regional network. the true live music will not go away, it just takes the right cooks to make the meal the best know what I mean?

- Patrick Montgomery
(1/2/2014 1:55:51 PM)
Classic Rock is dead, Fred Jacobs!

- LMFAO!!!

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