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Kraddick Kept His Cancer A Secret For Years


In a lengthy and detailed piece about the sudden death of Kidd Kraddick, D magazine writer Jamie Thompson writes in the magazine's January issue that Kidd Kraddick’s best friend, attorney Toby Wilson, was the only person who knew Kraddick had lymphoma. Kraddick told Wilson back in 2009 during a golf outing and, by then, he had already begun an aggressive course of chemotherapy. The article includes details about Kraddick's strained relationship with his daughter, how he would get sick from chemo while attending events for his charity for kids, and his friendship with Dr. Phil. Over time, Thompson writes, Kraddick’s treatments seemed to work. "Doctors declared him cancer-free and his prognosis, they said, was good. Even so, they warned of serious side effects, including organ damage, that could shorten his life."

Thompson writes that Wilson wanted Kraddick to tell close friends. "Some had begun to wonder whether he had developed a drug problem. The speculation angered Wilson, but given how Kraddick looked, it made sense. Wilson argued that Kraddick should at least tell his daughter, Caroline. But the last few years had been difficult for Kraddick and his daughter. He had divorced her mother in 2008, after 21 years of marriage, and Kraddick didn’t want to put any additional strain on their relationship," Thompson writes. Wilson believes Kraddick did not want anyone to know because he did not want to be pitied.

Thompson also describes in detail exactly who was with Kraddick when he died and how it happened in late July of this year. "Kraddick stepped onto the bus with his friend and company CEO, George Laughlin. He took a sip of water, then dropped the bottle. Kraddick collapsed on the floor as Laughlin rushed toward him. He began performing CPR. The bus driver raced to a hospital several miles away, thinking it would be quicker than waiting for an ambulance." Kidd Kraddick was dead at the age of 53.

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