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Pandora Court Setback With BMI


Is Pandora about to lose some of its music collection? The Internet pure-play lost a bid in a court battle with BMI to gain access to works excluded from BMI's new media offerings. U.S. District Judge Louis Stanton  rejected Pandora’s request for a ruling that its license for all of BMI's work should be honored despite publishers’ efforts to modify their contracts to no longer include streaming. The Judge wrote, “The publishers are privileged to license, or not license, the performance of their compositions as they see fit." Agreeing with Broadcast Music to withdraw new media rights is “well within their power as copyright holders.”

This ruling means if Pandora doesn't cut some kind of deals with publishers -- who all have notified BMI that come Jan. 1, they intend to withdraw their digital rights -- Pandora could be in copyright violation if they haven’t pulled those songs by that date. Pandora was sued by BMI in June over a royalty fee disagreement. Pandora won a court order in September to stop the ASCAP from limiting the number of songs that it licenses to Pandora.

(12/21/2013 7:27:34 PM)
Fuck off, Robert!

- LMFAO!!!
(12/21/2013 12:41:16 AM)
Bill B, clearly you are a shill for Pandora. Major radio powers do not "shudder" at Pandora...I think most of them are laughing at Pandora. Pandora's business model is fatally flawed; Westergen was betting that the musical artists would have to take a financial hit, so that Pandora would be viable. Not going to happen. Pandora is dead in the water, in the sense that they now have no idea how they can be profitable. And once tge investors see this, Pandora is done.

- Robert
(12/20/2013 4:17:23 PM)
Eric has an oral obsession with Pandora. Eric, suck it, or fuck it!

- LMFAO!!!
(12/20/2013 3:59:20 PM)
It still always makes me chuckle seeing how broadcasters either cheer or shudder at court rulings regarding Pandora and any of the other online music services. One can only assume that big-bucks radio execs are crapping all over themselves at the thought that, some day, Pandora or one of the others will manage to strangle the life out of the goose that laid all of their golden eggs.

- Bill B.
(12/20/2013 2:38:12 PM)
It's good to know the history of why BMI was formed.

BMI was formed by the broadcast industry in the end of 1930's.
At this time ASCAP was trying to hike up and limiting the number of songs the new radio broadcast industry could play.

Any artist with ASCAP deal was not played on air. Any artist with BMI deal was played on air, and was reflected afterwards in high record sales. Good for the artist, good for the radio industry and good for the BMI.

- Dennis Nilsson

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