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Farewell Superjock. You Will be Missed


Known as the "Superjock" and "Uncle Lar," one of the most famous Chicago radio personalities is gone. Esophageal cancer took his life. Randy Michaels: "In an era when top 40 meant happy and high energy, Larry was sardonic, sarcastic, and fabulously entertaining.  Thanks to the giant signals of WLS and WCFL jocks all over the country tried to imitate his pauses, his deliberate studio noises, and his acerbic style.  But only Larry Lujack really pulled it off." Lee Abrams: "Lujack had that magic combination of swagger, impeccable timing and real guy street cred.  In the late 60s when John Rook came from KQV to clean up WLS,  Lujack was the on air quarterback that elevated the station from a music machine to an attitude machine." 

Lujack's longtime on-air partner Tommy Edwards told the Chicago Tribune last night, he lost his best friend.  “The chemistry, the whole relationship that we had between each other — we'd just usually wind up laughing whenever we talked. We genuinely liked each other, and he just broke me up all the time.” Lujack and Edwards started working together in the 70's. In his "Animal Stories" heyday, Lujack told a reporter doing a profile on him, "quite simply I'm the best there is." Few would disagree with that statement.

In 2008 Lujack was inducted into the National Broadcasting Association Hall of Fame. Lujack began his Chicago radio career in 1967 at WCFL-AM. Four months later he went to WCFL's Top 40 competitor, WLS-AM. It was here where Lujack honed his understated sarcasm and launched his well-known feature, "Animal Stories." Lujack returned to WCFL in 1972, and was there for four years before moving back to WLS, where Lujack teamed up with Tommy Edwards for their widely popular segment, "Uncle Lar and Li'l Tommy." Lujack remained at WLS for 11 years before retiring from radio in 1987. In 2000, Lujack came out of retirement and spent six more years on the Chicago airwaves.

The last time he was heard on the air working as a DJ was in May 2008 when he appeared for the WLS-AM "Rewind" reunion weekend. Lujack was living in New Mexico at the time of his death.

Read more HERE at the Chicago Tribune and HERE at the Chicagoland Media Blog

(3/15/2014 7:55:54 PM)
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- EzWJlxrxMZusltqyR
(12/19/2013 1:16:40 PM)
When I first started radio school in the pacific northwest in the 70s, all the talk was about Larry Lujack. Then in my first radio gig, a few of us young dj's would sit around at nights and listen in to metro broadcasts and tapes of Lujack. what a loss for us all

- Jeff Jones
(12/19/2013 12:00:35 PM)
What a loss. He's far too soon gone.

- All Mankind
(12/19/2013 11:14:28 AM)
I grew up listening to Larry on WLS. He's one of the reasons I got into this business. I'm going to miss him.

- Helen Powers
(12/19/2013 10:15:27 AM)
Invented a style that everyone from Don Imus to Rush Limbaugh has imitated, but the original was the best. His classic moment to me was when he was insulted on the air by Steve & Gary, so he headed down to the station to confront them. Both were afraid of him, and fled the studio, Imus had to fill in for the rest of the show. That's balls in an old school way. RIP Mr Lujack.

- Rick Jackson

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