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On A Dime Radio Turns To Help The Community


At 2:45 a.m. Tuesday morning there was an explosion in the Gate City community of Birmingham, Alabama, that would change the lives of several families forever. Two housing units were flattened in the explosion and a five-foot pile of rubble was all that remained of the two-story building you see here. The building had five bedrooms in each unit. One woman died, her fiancé was pulled from the rubble alive, but is in critical condition. In response to the devastation, Summit Media went into action quickly.

Summit's WBHJ 957-JAMZ and WBHK 987 KISS-FM broadcast live Tuesday and Wednesday to collect toiletries, Christmas toys, clothing items, and other necessities for the displaced families. As of late Wednesday, over $5,000 worth of items had been collected for the families. Promotions Director Deanna Reed told Radio Ink, "I can truly say that it is rewarding to work for a company that is so deeply rooted in the community and believes that charity starts at home. After all, this is what the holidays are about."

Market Manager David Dubose says, "This is what our folks do best: jump in and respond when people in our communities are hurting. Our team, led by Deanna Reed at  95.7 JAMZ and Jason Jones at 98.7 KISS-FM, quickly brought toys and gift baskets to the children taken to Children's Hospital and other children impacted. We also took personal kits with toiletries to all of the families. It's local radio at its best and you can never duplicate this relationship with Pandora or any other streaming audio service. None of this is possible without local disc jockeys, promotion staffs, and great program directors. All of this is why I still love radio."

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(12/19/2013 2:58:57 AM)
It is a wounderfull thing to still have people out there who care.enough to help others like yourself,You have the first Baptist chuch of Jax. And a Jax.rentry prison just down the street hwyway 90 and they lelt them were rags for cloths, Thanks

- faron

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