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Finally Back On The Ground


WAAF on-air personalities Lyndon "LB" Byers and Anthony "Spaz" Parziale are back on the ground after three days of living 60 feet in the air as part of the "WAAF Rise Up Against Hunger" annual fundraising campaign to benefit the Greater Boston, New Hampshire, and Worcester County Food Banks. WAAF Morning Man Greg Hill stayed on-air over the three days to raise additional funds for the food banks, not only during his show but with fellow WAAF hosts Mike Hsu and Mistress Carrie during their respective shows.

The funds raised during WAAF's "Rise Up Against Hunger" will provide tens of thousands of meals to hungry people in both Massachusetts and New Hampshire. The three-day event lasted from 6 a.m. Wednesday, December 11 until 7 p.m. Friday, December 13. LB and Spaz rose up on lifts in Boston and Framingham, Mass., respectively, where they braved the cold, wintry elements with few supplies to engage listeners to support area food banks.

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