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(HIRING) Pay For Play Is Key In The Sales Department


In the competitive world of trying to hire top-notch sellers, many companies are adjusting their compensation plans to compete to hire and retain them. Gone are the days of 90-day guarantees to swim or sink. In many cases, broadcasters are hiring outside of media for highly experienced sellers who need a certain level of financial comfort to join their team. They are often "passive" candidates who need to be sold on why to join the station, and compensation is a huge consideration. Regardless of the experience level of the sellers who are being hired, we are seeing more training and investments being made to help them succeed, which is crucial.

In our haste to hire, often some key elements are left out of the offer letter and or job description. It is great that we are seeing these investments to help them grow, but what are we asking in return? We can’t just judge them solely on billing as it will take time to learn the trade, build a clientele, and earn commissions they can live on, so we offer guarantees. I hear over and over that the new hire who has a healthy monthly guarantee does not have a list of items that they need to do to maintain that income. Anytime money is handed over, there needs to be an understanding of what needs to be done to keep earning it. Often, these new hires struggle, so there needs to be a better understanding of expectations and what it will take to build their revenue. Stop assuming they will know or pick it up. If they don’t work out, you need a way to judge what they are doing.

As billing is not a consideration, put together measurable metrics that can be used during this training time. Ideas of metrics can include attending required training and any additional training they can do on their own; completing any online training needed to learn your systems; go on a pre-determined number of ride-alongs with experienced sellers; researching potential clients so they better learn how to prepare to do a CNA; add a certain level of potential accounts to their lists; go on a predetermined number of appointments or have a predetermined number of presentations out.

Not only will it help the station confirm the steps that are being taken by the seller to grow, it also gives the new hire a sense of accomplishment of reaching some goals and so can be used as a motivator.

Laurie Kahn is Founder and President of Media Staffing Network and can be reached at 480-306-8930 or via e-mail at Visit the Media Staffing Website

(12/18/2013 4:38:32 PM)
I know her - she's a whore.

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(12/13/2013 1:16:13 PM)
"Employee will sell, service and collect from an assigned list of businesses and perform other duties required by management. Accounts are reviewed each 90 days. Monthly, quarterly and annual sales figures set by management are to be maintained for continued employment."

- Phil

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