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Small Market Broadcasters Are More Nimble


By Dana Hall

"A Very Different Roundtable" of CEOs took to the podium Thursday, giving us the "small" broadcasters perspective on radio today. When asked what the advantages are for these companies, unanimously the CEOs felt they are quicker and more nimble than the big corps, while Connoisseur's Jeff Warshaw notes that creativity is more likely to spark at the station level if there is less "corporate involvement to bog them down."

How should radio deal with pureplays like Pandora coming after sales talent? Warshaw says we have to "train better, pay better, and invest in our people," and admitted the need to change people's perception about radio as a dying industry. Journal Broadcasting's Steve Wexler added that radio must be the local experts, in every way, which Pandora can't be. That includes serving clients on air as well as digitally.

(12/13/2013 9:36:38 PM)
You didn't mention that two of the stars advocated fewer ads on radio as a goal. "Powerful Woman in Radio" Mary Quass was one.
So, if you sell at one of Mary's stations, slack off next year.

- Phil
(12/13/2013 9:09:36 AM)
Actions speak louder than words.

- Jim s

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