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The Future is All About Targeted Ads


How many times has an advertiser asked one of your salespeople for a lower rate because "your listeners all the way on the other side of town are never going to drive that far for my product." They were telling us they needed to target our listeners in their buying zone, or better yet, target listeners that were in the market for their product. Some were even willing to pay more. Talk about ROI! It's one of the selling teqniques Pandora is succeeding with. Now, AT&T has an angle. AT&T, which is rolling out high-speed broadband service in Austin, will offer a cheaper plan to subscribers willing to receive ads targeted based on their Web activity.

AT&T says its new fiber network will offer service with speeds of up to 300 Mbps, which will increase to 1 Gbps next year. Austin residents can sign up for “premier” service for $70 a month, or “standard” service for $99 a month. To be eligible for the premier service, people must agree to participate in AT&T's targeted-ad program. Here's how AT&T says that program will work. AT&T may use your Web browsing information, like the search terms you enter and the Web pages you visit, to provide you relevant offers and ads tailored to your interests.”

 Read the AT&T release HERE

(12/12/2013 9:44:03 AM)
The ability to target ads to a specific segment of a radio station's listening area is the purpose of the Personal Radio Service. Using RDS encoding and store-and-playback functionality in the receiver different listeners to the same station can have customized experiences.

- Dave Wilson

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