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Radio Must Be Real And Authentic


The first day of the first Nielsen Audio Client Conference took place today. The new radio ratings firm presented attendees with information and tools the company hopes will help them brand and market their stations, as well as how to better connect with and understand their listeners. Jacquelyn Bullerman, a member of the Nielsen Programming Services team, presented social media tactics, including choosing specific jocks and station staffers for specific social media platforms, explaining that "there's a right person for Twitter, someone who is quick and witty, and someone else who would be best for Facebook." Assigning the right people is key. She also suggested that the policy to have all your jocks engage on social media may not be the best move.

Also discussing ways to use social media to "tell your station's story" was guest speaker Tory Johnson of Good Morning America. Johnson attributes her success at being able to "sell" and move brands on social media such as Facebook, to nine key rules, including "getting personal," and "being vulnerable."

Similarly, a presentation on "Branding Like A Rock Star," presented by Newcap's Steve Jones, highlighted rock legend examples of 10 branding rules that can easily be used by radio stations. One of the most interesting being, "Don't try to be better than the competition, just be different than everyone else." One theme heard throughout the day in almost every panel was the need for radio to "be real and authentic," whether that is in social media, on air, or with marketers.