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Conclave Director Wants More Brainpower


Conclave Executive Director Bob Shannon says it's time we look at the Conclave with fresh eyes. By all measures, Conclave 38, this years learning conference, was a successful event for those who attended. But, after review, the Conclave board and I have concluded that we have to do morenot only with our convention but with all of our initiatives: our scholarship programs, our ongoing commitment to education, and especially getting financial support from the entire industry.

Shannon, who was named Executive Director of the Conclave in 2012, admits its a dichotomy. Radio, indeed all media, faces daunting changes and challenges. We get that. But to forgo the training and the networking opportunities that have always been the Conclaves calling card for 38 years is self-defeating for a community thats always grown by encouraging its young and giving them a launching pad for success.

I may be a dreamer, says Shannon, but Im not the only one who believes that what we do matters. And so today, Im reaching out to ask for volunteers who are willing to stand up for the Conclave by volunteering 15 minutes of brainstorming power.

If youre interested in helping the Conclave figure out whats next, please reach out to Shannon at or call 952-927-4487.

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