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Harris Builds Seacrest Facility In Cincinnati


Harris Broadcast CEO Charlie Vogt said, “It was our goal to help build a unique broadcast media center that was memorable while providing an easy learning curve for patients, hospital staff, and local radio stations coming on site to produce special broadcasts. This was an incredible opportunity to give back to the community and help the Ryan Seacrest Foundation achieve its goal of encouraging optimism for patients during and after treatment.” Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center marks the sixth pediatric hospital location for the Ryan Seacrest Foundation.

Ryan Seacrest Foundation engineer Brian Clark collaborated with Harris Broadcast and other vendors on overall systems design and integration, ultimately producing a complete professional studio environment that supports live radio and TV broadcasts aired in patient rooms throughout the hospital via a closed-circuit network. As part of the project, Harris Broadcast supplied a complete digital studio systems solution, including an on-air console, turnkey wiring, and production accessories, while working with Mr. Clark and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital engineer Michael Rose to create an inviting and lively studio environment with a custom-built, one-host, five-guest studio desk. Patients also contribute to the on-air and production process with Clear Channel Media and Entertainment program experts donating time to train patients and hospital staff. The studio went live on November 18 and is dedicated to the healing process of children and their families through the exploration of creative realms in radio, television, and new media.

“As a radio broadcaster we can give back in ways other businesses can’t, and Clear Channel supports the amazing work of the Ryan Seacrest Foundation in a variety of ways throughout the year, including providing national engineering and programming support,” said Jeff Littlejohn, executive vice president, engineering and systems integration, Clear Channel Media and Entertainment. “Our teams are eager to work on site – teaching the children and staff how to operate equipment, create content, program the station, and otherwise entertain fellow patients.”