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Pandora Snags Chunk of Radio Listening


So the company says. Again, keep in mind, there is no third party verification of these numbers. They are monthly in-house numbers Pandora sends out in a press release. After claiming 8% of all U.S. listening in October, in just 30 days the company now says it has 8.44% of total radio listeners in the United States. It's a number high level radio industry executives have started to openly attack along with claims Pandora has the number one radio station in some of radio's major markets. Radio's executives are concerned advertisers might actually believe the 8.4% number, as Pandora

goes after radio ad dollars. The numbers have never been questioned by the Tech press or an analyst on a Pandora conference call. On the Royalty front, Forbes says Pandora has a 30% upside if the company is able to win its fight to have royalty fees reduced. Pandora also reported listener hours of 1.49 billion in November and 72.4 million active listeners.