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Radio's Reach Remains Steady


That's according to the December Nielsen RADAR report released Monday. Nielsen says radio now reaches 241.8 million people 12+ during an average week. And, Spanish-language radio continues to shine as more and more listeners flock to that format. The September RADAR report (released by Arbitron) had radio reaching 242.2 million listeners every week. Nielsen says year over year more than 700,000 weekly listeners have been added. The report also says those 12 and older who listen to the radio spend approximately 2 hours and 35 minutes a day, down one minute from the September report.

The Hispanic community continues to turn to radio for companionship. The Nielsen September RADAR report shows how important Spanish-language radio is to the exploding Hispanic population. 
- Radios Hispanic audience (12 and older) has added 372,000 weekly listeners over the past year, now reaching 94 percent of Hispanic listeners (12+)
- Listenership among young Hispanic teens (12 to 17) increased by 271,000 weekly listeners.
- Listenership among Hispanic adults (18 to 49) added 500,000 weekly radio listeners.

Nielsens RADAR December 2013 Report is used for national network radio ratings and measures 46 radio networks. The networks are operated by AdLarge Media, American Urban Radio Networks, Crystal Media Networks, Cumulus Media Networks, Premiere Radio Networks, United Stations Radio Networks, and WestwoodOne. The sample size for December was 396,013 persons aged 12 and older. The RADAR December 2013 Report includes data from all 48 Nielsen PPM markets. The survey period for RADAR 119 covers September 13, 2012, to September 11, 2013.

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