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Cumulus Chairman Jeff Marcus

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Are You An Information Visionary?


Do you have enough information to make the best decisions in 2014? Where do the experts, inside and outside the radio industry, see the future headed?

Forecast focuses on presenting business and economic operational intelligence and putting it in a radio-industry context. For one day, at New York City's Harvard Club, you will hear fascinating conversations that will impact how you approach 2014 -- the anticipated impact of next year's elections and other events domestically and worldwide on the economy, business, and advertising:

Major group heads discussing revenue, listening, and anticipated stock trends over the next 12 months. And they'll address important topics from online and HD Radio to FM chips and the connected car.

Finance experts who will analyze the transaction market for 2014 -- where bankers, brokers, and equity investors will be putting their money in the year ahead and what it will take to secure those dollars.

You'll hear how smaller and independent operators view the future in today's mega-consolidated world. And if there are sometimes competitive advantages in competing with the large group owners.

Inside perspective from advertising agency and marketing executives on what they are looking for from media and what radio broadcasters should be aspiring to achieve with their digital efforts.

And the top executives from the NAB and the RAB with their take on what's on the radar for radio in 2014.


Judge Andrew Napolitano, Keynote

Wenda Harris Millard and Bob Pittman, Luncheon Conversation

Presented by Radio Ink with thanks to

Advertiser Chair Jim Palmer and Radio Chair David Field


(11/16/2013 11:27:47 AM)
This appears to be a very important event. What is the date of the event?

- Mark Fowler

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