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Forbes: Sports Talk Radio Is Thriving


Tell us something we don't know Mr. Forbes. The Forbes piece, witten by David Lariviere, begins with, "To borrow a phrase from Mark Twain, the death of radio has been greatly exaggerated. Or, maybe better put, has been premature." Lariviere attended the Covington & Burling Sports Media & Technology Conference this week which featured a panel with ESPN's Traug Keller, CBS' Chris Oliviero, and Chris Corcoran of WestwoodOne Sports.

All three are featured in Radio Ink's upcoming Sports issue (12/16). In that issue, Keller tells Radio Ink that in the last month alone, 220 million podcasts have been dowloaded by listeners. The sports-talk format is certainly thriving and our 12/16 issue will help you understand just how hot it is (SUBSCRIBE TO OUR DIGITAL ISSUE HERE). Here's some of Lariviere's coverage of that sports conference.

(11/21/2013 9:56:30 AM)
The arbitron ratings are atrocious for sports radio.(see link below)

Out of eleven nationally rated formats, sports radio ranks last.

Can’t speak for the number of podcast downloaded, but I’ve never seen those numbers that are thrown out by the panel before.

- Salvador

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