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Finding The ROI In Your Digital Assets


Return on investment from your digital assets will be the focus of a panel discussion at Radio Ink's Forecast next week in New York City, moderated by Marketron Chief Revenue office Deborah Esayian. If you have not yet registered for Forecast 2014, you are running out of time and we are running out of seats. Esayian says she has a very high-octane group of digital panelists who have had tremendous success building digital revenue models. We spoke to Esayian earlier today and asked her what attendees can expect to learn. 

What do you want to be sure attendees walk away with from this panel?
This panel will be inspiring and they are coming prepared. We will learn why gaining as much intelligence about our radio audiences should be our premium endeavor and that our focus should be on finding the best practices and digital mix to achieve that goal – not focusing on checking off boxes to say that we’re “doing social networking” or using Facebook and Twitter.

What are your thoughts on how radio is investing in digital? 
I think the most important takeaway from this panel will be about WHERE radio should be investing in digital to stay relevant and profitable. Group leaders and market managers need to be leading their staff to the place they need to be most and giving the resources they need to be successful.

Does radio focus enough of their time growing their digital assets? 
We’re going to find as time goes on that we’re spinning our wheels a lot and assuming that people in our organizations know instinctively how to approach the digital space. Leaving digital strategy to each market to do as they wish is probably not productive, even if an organization usually runs very de-centrally. The digital space now has a very clear path – and a group is either on that path or walking aimlessly in the woods.

How can radio best explain R.O.I. from their digital assets to advertisers? 
The standards for measurement in the digital space have already been set. Radio’s unique advantage is that it can provide precise measurement in SEVERAL ways – qualitatively, quantitatively, and in terms of actual business impact. Our panelists will give participants a very clear picture what that means in a granular way.