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Accidental Introductions

Like yours, my life and work are insanely busy. The last thing I want to do is get on another airplane or attend yet another meeting. It seems that technology has increased my daily output, and just a day or two away from the office puts me in the weeds. Though I'm generally an upbeat guy, there are mornings when the idea of rising at 4 a.m. to make a 6:30 flight is pure drudgery. Though I was excited about going to our DASH conference in Detroit, I was whining to my wife the night before, "I wish sometimes I could just stay home and get some work done and spend more time with the kids." This probably never happens to you, right?

Getting me on the airplane is half the battle, but once I arrive, I'm full of enthusiasm. Every time I attend one of our conferences, I not only get valuable insights from the content, but there is a side benefit —  accidental introductions.

Every time I go to one of our conferences I end up meeting someone by accident, and it turns out to be the most valuable time I spend there. It happens because we usually attract people who may not attend other industry events. Lots of new faces and new ideas are emerging, and inevitably I end up in a deal I would never have known about before I attended. I know the same happens to other people in attendance, because I hear from them.

This is an interesting and dynamic time for our industry. The world around us is changing, and we can no longer be rooted in the concepts that once made us great. We are being forced to evolve. The evolution of your radio stations, your investment in radio, your advertising in radio are reliant on not just the new information and data points you'll gain from attending our coming Forecast conference. You'll also gain incredible insights from the networking and those accidental introductions, which lead to fresh new opportunities.

Radio Ink's Forecast conference is the radio industry's most elegant event. It's held at New York's Harvard Club, and we cap our day of sessions with the annual group heads panel and then our reception honoring "The 40 Most Powerful People in Radio." This event is packed with a who's who of radio industry executives, and it's there that most of those accidental introductions happen.

I hope you'll consider joining us this year at Forecast. There are lots of questions about digital growth in 2014 and where radio will end up, and this is the best place to gather data to help forecast the coming year. As usual, there is no press invited, in order to keep the discussions as frank and open as possible -- and as usual, we have to limit attendance to 200 people due to the limits of the Harvard Club. Most years are sold out, and it looks like this year will be no different.

A sea of opportunity awaits you at Harvard Hall.

Forecast 2014
November 20, 2013
Harvard Club
New York
To register, call 561-655-8778 or go to