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How Radio Wins


Radio needs to become more effective at understanding listener and customer behavior.

Some radio properties research extensively and frequently, and others do not have those available resources. Our business is in need of better interpretation of the data points we have available to us, along with even greater customer/listener tracking of behavior.

More precision from analytics will keep you ahead of the rapid pace of competition.

Starting with satisfaction analysis on a grassroots level, we can be more tuned to the quickly changing tides. Think of specific methods that can give you real-world feedback from real people.

On a programming and content front, are you constantly finding ways to be front and center in your listeners' minds so they feel you are accessible to their opinions? When your station is in front of listeners have you utilized every available method possible to tap them for feedback?

By simplifying our understanding of how our audience thinks of us and uses us is critical to improved thinking for the future. We also need to find methods to dig deeper on behalf of our clients to study the effectiveness of the job they hire us for.

Have we considered ways to study effectiveness of commercial creative?

We know how important it is for personality live read/endorsements for our clients but have we sought listener feedback to guide us towards improvement? What are the risks-versus-benefits of a looser more comedic copy approach? It's certainly important to try to understand the behavior of a PPM panel but it's equally important to understand behavior of every facet of our customer base. We do listener labs/focus groups for our listeners, so why wouldn't we consider client lab groups to understand how to enhance the client experience?

From the start to the finish of a campaign, what are you doing differently, quicker, and better?

The precision that we bring to our research is important in our quickly changing landscape, both in a pre-testing model and in a postmortem model. Imagine saving your brand from peril by pre-testing a promotion to see if the idea resonates with your core audience or if, on the other hand, they detest it?

The importance of behavioral tracking in parallel to your on-air actions can have important implications for topic selection on personality/spoken word stations or shows. When is a topic being run into the ground and when is there enough life left in it to meet the audience expectation?

In the sales arena, does your process go past just taking orders and are you deeply tapping the client needs of your most significant customers to help them build their business? Are you dreaming of new methods to make their business more successful and keep them coming back with repeat business?

With the pace of competition moving faster than ever we must stay ahead of the changing times and seize every opportunity.

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