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What Is Goodman Getting?


While we do not yet know the price or multiple of the 33 stations, and with the government closed for business, who knows when we'll find out? BIA/Kelsey had NextMedia's 2012 revenue at just over $45 million. Goodman will also get two stations in the Chicago area, which are currently held by The Mile High Station Trust, that would be sold to Matrix Broadcasting. Here's is a list of the stations Dean Goodman will get in the purchase as NextMedia closes shop after accumulating 33 stations in eight states.

In San Jose, California, KEZR-FM and KBAY-FM
Joliet, Illinois: WERV-FM, WCCQ-FM, WJOL-FM, WSSR-FM, and WRXQ-FM
Waukegan, Illinois: WKRS-AM and WXLC-FM
Saginaw, Michigan: WCEN-FM, WGER-FM, WSGW-FM, WSGW-AM, and WTLZ-FM
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina: WKZQ-FM, WRNN-FM, WRNN-AM, WYAV-FM, and WMYB-FM
New Bern, North Carolina: WERO-FM, WRNS-FM , WRNS-AM, WXQR-FM, WQZL-FM, WQSL-FM, and WANG-FM
Canton, Ohio: WHBC-FM and WHBC-AM 1480 AM
Dallas, Texas: KMKT-FM, KMAD-FM, and KLAK-FM
Kenosha, Wisconsin: WIIL-FM and WLIP-AM