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This is Trey Stafford at age 10 reading school news on KPCA-AM in Marked Tree, Arkansas, where he grew up. Stafford started reading school news, later doing his own shows and hanging around the local station. He says he continued to hang around the station until he was 14 and that he never got paid a dime -- something called “child labor laws,” which he thought always sounded suspect. Having worked the mic at age 9, even if it was for free, we wondered if Stafford stuck it out in the rough-and-tumble business of broadcasting. 

Trey's radio story does get even better. At 14, Stafford went to work at KTMN-AM in Trumann, Arkansas, where the manager, L.D. Hoover, actually paid him. So he stayed there until he graduated high school. Stafford went on to become the GM at KPCA-AM after high school, at age 18. He stayed until he was 23, then he and Bill Little bought KDXY-FM in Paragould in 1984 and formed the present Jonesboro cluster with Kevin Neathery and Bill and Bob Pressly in 1993. He sold to Ed Christian in 2002 with the understanding that “my assets go home at night, you guys will stay and run it for me, right?”

Stafford has been there ever since. He's currently the president and general manager of the Jonesboro Radio Group (formerly Triple FM Radio Group) in Jonesboro, AR. And occasionaly they allow him around the microphones.

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