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(DIGITAL) 7 Habits of Highly Successful Digital Sellers


There are a handful of radio sales reps that are incredibly successful at selling digital advertising. Ive met them. Ever wonder what makes them tick? 

Inspired by Stephen Coveys 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, I have distilled my observations of these special sales reps into the 7 Habits of Highly Successful Digital Sellers.

1. Constantly Learning

They devour as much information as they can about digital advertising and marketing. Its almost as if they were pursuing a graduate degree in digital marketing. They read books like The Long Tail, The Cluetrain Manifesto, The Innovators Dilemma, and Rework. Their gurus are Seth Godin, Faith Popcorn, Gary Vaynerchuk, and Guy Kawasaki. Mashable, eMarkater, ClickZ, and NetNewCheck are their daily reads.

2. Share and Teach

They understand sharing is no longer to be feared in sales. They embrace it. They understand sharing ideas is the new currency to grab the attention of busy prospects. Teaching their colleagues and clients about new digital media tools or how to respond to the latest digital media trends is second nature to them.

3. Experiment

Failure IS an option for them because they understand the power of learning from their mistakes. The low cost of digital media tools also virtually erases the financial cost of any of their missteps.

4. Focused

They keep distractions to a minimum and only focus on what they have control over.

5. Know Their Numbers

The rest of your sales team might know how many unique visitors come to your website each month, but a successful digital seller knows the traffic spikes, the average conversion rate on your social media promotions, and the redemption rates on mobile coupons. They also take the time to research their clients cost per lead, average sale, and customer acquisition cost.

6. Always Connecting

Instead of observing the old ABC sales mantra of Always Be Closing, they practice a new one, Always Be Connecting. They have made a regular habit of connecting with clients and prospects on LinkedIn. Theres never a shortage of new prospects coming into the beginning of their sales pipeline.

7. Sell Local

Most local broadcast websites and mobile apps will never have big enough numbers to interest advertising agencies or national advertisers. Successful digital sellers know their time is better spent reaching out directly to local advertisers who need help with their digital marketing.

As you think about recruiting new sales reps for your station going forward, give extra consideration to some of the above sales habits. After all, these habits are the local advertising sales skills of the future that are desperately needed in radio right now!

Stephen Warley is the founder of, a research and training firm dedicated to helping radio broadcasters use digital tools to generate more qualified sales leads. He is also the founded of in 2008. Have a question for Stephen?  Email him at or connect with him on LinkedIn.

(8/19/2013 6:33:30 PM)
I was deeply encouraged by this article. I always love getting feedback that lets me know that I am on the right path and provides resource that I was not already aware of. Brilliant!

- Cassandra James

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