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Top 40 Prospecting List of Do's and Don'ts


Here's a little "Liquid Fire" for your prospecting. Here are my Top 40 Hang on Your Wall list of dos and donts for successful prospecting. Never, ever stop prospecting! This list should hang right next to Luce's Top 40 Sales Tips.

1. Dont take rejection personally. It's not always about you.
2. Dont be afraid to meet a new prospect. Step out of your comfort zone.
3. Your eyes are a laser beam to your heart. Put a little heart in your prospecting!
4. Vibrate. Bounce high. No one wants to talk to someone who is having a bad day.
5. After an appointment, look to the left and right for more prospects.
6. After finding a new lead, record it, take a photo, or write it down. Contact the lead within 24 hours.
7. Seed the account to make it more favorable when you call on them.
8. Master the smartphone. It improves efficiency.
9. Do some research before the first call. It's always better to know something about the prospect ahead of the call.
10. Always look your best. You can never get back that first impression.
11. Smile it's infectious!
12. Develop an inside coach. An inside coach is more accessible to the prospect. Recruit them to your cause and let them get you in.
13. Testimonials: written, recorded, and video. Use them to break the ice.
14. Community involvement. There is nothing like running into your prospect somewhere else.
15. Send in some dice with a note: You wont be gambling when you advertise with [name].
16. Guest speaker: Invite a prospect to address your next sales meeting and talk about their business and tips.
17. Send a two-minute video introducing yourself to a prospect. No other reps are doing it.
18. Referrals, referrals, referrals. Enough said.
19. PMR: a personal marketing resume. I have plenty of examples. E-mail me.
20. Potential cross-promotional partners. Approach a prospect with a potential partnership with one of your clients. Have your client make the initial call for you.
21. Use voicemail as your friend. Be focused and compelling. The first 10 seconds will get you another 30 seconds.
22. Focus your eyes on the prospect, not down at the ground.
23. Timing is everything. Instead of driving by, stop and go inside.
24. Align rank. If your prospect is a higher-up, use your owner, GM, SM, or a corporate executive to make the call.
25. Complete a needs analysis record: Send a completed customer marketing profile, showing needs uncovered from other buying influences, with a note and an idea!
26. Persistence. Most sellers give up when they are just one or two calls short of success.
27. Careful, dont be too slick. Leave the cliches at home. Be real.
28. Study the membership list of the Chamber of Commerce. What start-up companies have recently joined?
29. Google it first. Easy!
30. Dont be left speechless. Know how to overcome objections.
31. Non-traditional selling hours. Call on a restaurant on a Saturday. Your competition is not there.
32. I have an idea for you.
33. Your voice. Clear and concise when speaking. Slow down a bit for clarity.
34. If nothing else: Have fun prospecting.
35. Stand up when youre prospecting on the phone. You will have more oxygen flowing to your brain. It makes you sharper!
36. If your car is a wreck, park it around the corner from the business. I am speaking from experience here.
37. Dont discuss the call until you exit the building, especially if youre with someone.
38. Leave a business card with a little note on the back about something you noticed inside the business.
39. Never penetrate a persons three feet of personal space when you first meet them. No back-slapping, either.
40. Fresh breath. Bad breath is the kiss of death!

Sean Luce is the Head International Instructor for the Luce Performance Group and can be reached at or

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