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Report: Cumulus Dropping Rush and Hannity


A story like this always seems to pop up around the quarterly earnings call (Cumulus reports tomorrow at 11AM). Politico reports it would be a major industry shake up if Cumulus dropped Rush and Hannity from about 40 stations at the end of the year. Politico says Cumulus and Premiere are at odds over the cost of distribution and that Cumulus has been looking for local and regional talent "that will be left vacant by Limbaugh and Hannity." However, a source tells Radio Ink nothing has been decided and a deal could even be worked out in the next month or so.


(7/29/2013 2:30:36 PM)
The 50+ crowd may indeed care, and you should, too. This demo has as much and probably way more spending power than any other group. Programmer and advertisers ignore this demo at their peril.

- Ed K.
(7/29/2013 10:49:29 AM)
Nobody cares about any of this anyway, except a 50+ crowd! Cumulus has already turned KABC and KSFO into complete non-factors in the market, sadly. And by letting Rush go in New York, Dickey will continue his trend of going to cheaper programming (usually equals lower ratings!)...then he will complain about the revenues not being there afterwards.

- Bob
(7/29/2013 9:32:47 AM)
In NY, it means WOR gets Rush & Hannity - good for CC, bad for Cumulus. Will Cumulus replace Rush & Sean with local shows or more canned content? However, in SF & LA, this could Hannity as he will lose SF & LA access. I can see CC in SF time-shifting Hannity to nites (maybe) and perhaps Salem in LA might add Hannity, but it's no lock. However, for Hannity to surely lose KSFO & KABC will be a big blow for his show.

- iconoclast
(7/29/2013 9:14:02 AM)
You could hear a pin drop in this comment section. Where's the lively debate?!

- Chuck Johnson

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