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Cromwell CEO Bud Walters Still Waiting


Cromwell CEO Bud Walters filed a request last November with the FCC to have one of his AM stations (WTCJ-AM) rebroadcast on an FM translator in Tell City, Indiana. The Commission, despite its stated goal of improving the sound on the AM dial, still has not made a decision. With help from the NAB's Jane Mago, this week, Cromwell has filed more paperwork to try to move his request along. The document (READ IT HERE) states that this approval should have been easy because there are no competing applications, despite the channel being available for many years.

Mango also dug up a case involving Ashbacker Radio Corp. and the FCC back in 1945 to help jar the FCC and move this request along. "Ashbacker presents no bar to approving the Tell City request. The Commission placed the Tell City request on public notice on November 21, 2012, approximately eight months ago. No other parties have stepped forward with an objection, let alone a competing application. And, there is ample spectrum available in the market to accommodate future applications."

(12/15/2013 5:10:55 AM)
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(7/22/2013 7:45:49 PM)
Radiovet writes "what does adding an FM rebroadcast of an AM station have to do with 'saving AM'?" A good question. Assuming that AM all-digital operation works well, as it now appears it might, an FM translator for an AM is a bridge to the future of all-digital AM operations. If an AM station has an FM translator to serve its non-HD radio listening audience, a flash-cut to all AM digital may soon make sense with the increasing proliferation of AM HD radios receivers.

- John Garziglia
(7/22/2013 12:14:26 AM)
As I recall, translators are to be used to "fill in" areas where an FM main station cannot reach with the main transmission but are within the expected coverage contour.
Sounds to me like using an AM signal to retransmit on am FM translator is a bit of a stretch. Good luck with that. It might be the answer you AM owners are searching for.

- Panama Jack

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