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Laurie Kahn

What Goes Around Comes Around


I recently wrote a blog about the way many managers treat potential hires. I have had some strong feedback on this topic. With the challenge today of hiring quality employees, half the battle is not just locating them, but actually getting them to join your team.
One of the most common issues that are facing radio stations is the problem of finding and hiring good people. A big part of helping your rate of success with hiring is to build a reputation of being a good company to join and a big part of that is practicing common courtesies when dealing with people.
Starting conversations with a potential hire and then never returning calls or emails when they are inquiring about the status is plain unacceptable. If the tables were turned, is that how you would want to be treated?
It is always best to be honest with job seekers. Let them know where they stand, what your process is and what your timeline is; if you are still talking to more candidates, be upfront about it. Looking for a job can be a very stressful situation so consider where they are coming from. If you have no interest in them, let them loose to pursue other positions.
If you have been approached by, or reached out to people, with experience that matches what you are looking for, don’t blow them off. Maybe they can fit somewhere else in your company; maybe one day they will be in a position where you need to ask them for a job. Maybe they will get hired somewhere else and become a stronger candidate you'll want to hire down the road.

Treating people poorly can hurt the reputation of the whole company in a competitive industry; it is advisable to take a few minutes to follow up either by a voicemail or e-mail. A few seconds of honesty can go a long way.

Laurie Kahn is Founder and President of Media Staffing Network and can be reached at 480-306-8930 or via e-mail at Visit the Media Staffing Website

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