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Blogging Can Also Get You Fired


It's not just what you say on the air anymore. 16-year WHAM-AM Rochester host Craig Schaller was fired for comments he posted on station blog. WHEC-TV in Rochester has the story. Schaller wrote, “There are too many gosh darn foreigners on the tour and more specifically, I'm talking about Koreans and Asians in general. It's hard to remember specific golfers when half of them seem to have names that sound like the sound you get when you bang pots and pans together.” WHEC TV's Brett Davidsen interviewed Schaller. You can watch that video HERE

(6/13/2013 11:48:07 PM)
Just about anything can get you fired, but like "Realist" said, this was all about his stupidity.

And I hope no one in radio rewards him with a better job like they have done to so many others who give the radio industry a bad name.

- Joe Piazza
(6/13/2013 7:39:38 AM)
The headline is misleading - he wasn't fired for blogging but for being stupid. Depending on what he did there, I probably wouldn't have fired him, but then again, I would have liked to think I would never have hired someone as stupid as him either.

- Realist

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