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Now, Clear Channel Goes Directly To Artists


Clear Channel has announced the first direct performing rights partnership between a radio company and an artist. Fleetwood Mac will receive revenue from airplay on Clear Channel’s radio stations and digital platforms. The agreement with Fleetwood Mac follows similar agreements with several independent labels Clear Channel has cut, but it is the first to be negotiated directly with an artist or group. Clear Channel says these deals help build a sustainable business model for Internet radio.

Clear Channel CEO Bob Pittman says, “Fleetwood Mac has blown me away from the first time I heard them – they are the perfect group for radio. Reaching an agreement with them is the clearest sign yet that this kind of revenue-sharing model represents the industry’s future – it is a win-win-win, for artists, fans, and the music business. We look forward to helping Fleetwood Mac get their hit songs to their fans on whatever platform or device they want to find them.”

The group’s new EP, "Extended Play," features the first recording of new Fleetwood Mac music since the release of “Say You Will” over a decade ago.

Irving Azoff of Azoff Music Management, a representative of the band, said, “Fleetwood Mac has consistently pushed the envelope, creating new sounds, making music that seems designed for radio, and looking at the industry in new ways. It’s fitting that a group that’s played such an integral role in radio and music history would be the first band to take such a major step, helping the music industry create a sustainable digital marketplace so it can thrive for decades to come. We’re delighted to join Clear Channel in creating a new model for the music industry, one that will be good for performing artists, good for music fans, and good for the people who have invested their talent, time and money.”

(6/12/2013 6:28:56 PM)
Isn't Clear Channel the 800 LBS gorilla? Also what does "Helb" mean? Typos are not good in articles....

- Tom Sheffield
(6/12/2013 5:52:54 PM)
As it has always been, the closer the relationship with the artist the better for radio! This is the kind of big picture move that gets attention. I remember Frances Preston saying it best, " It all begins with he song!"

(6/12/2013 5:25:21 PM)
This will get big brother's attention...

- Mike Kirtner
(6/12/2013 5:25:20 PM)
This will get big brother's attention...

- Mike Kirtner

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