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Lex Apologizes To Transgender Community


Lex Staley of the Lex and Terry show has issued a written apology for comments he made on the syndicated program. The comments apparently got the show canceled from SiriusXM, which carries an "Extreme Talk," channel controlled by Clear Channel. (TERRY) "Theres a teen that shot a tranny after finding out that it was a man after they had a little sexual encounter." (LEX) "I dont blame him. I would have shot his a** too." Staley issued this apology through his agent.

I want to reach out the best way I can to the transgendered community. I deeply apologize for an insensitive remark concerning a news story being discussed on my radio show where a 16-year-old boy shot a transgendered person after they had intimate contact. Please know that my off-the-cuff remark was not intended to offend or
hurt anyone, but after listening to the audio I understand why the comment caused hurt and anger. I had originally hoped to explain the context of what I said, but quite honestly, what I said was just plain wrong and there is no context in which my statement is acceptable and I take responsibility for it.

I would like to clarify two things. One is that I work every day on a very liberal program. We are an advice show that has helped the LGBT members of our audience for the past 21 years. We have consistently supported LGBT equality rights on our show, well before it was popular to do so.

Secondly, as a father of a young daughter, I am always distressed when I hear of adults having inappropriate contact with minors. But instead of properly expressing my distress in this situation I made a stupid comment that had no place and failed to express what I was actually thinking.

I deeply regret the insensitive and hurtful remark I made. My on-air partner and I will be devoting a segment on an upcoming show to discuss the serious issue of discrimination in the LGBT community. Were all human and deserve to be treated with respect and dignity as members of the media, we embrace our responsibility to use our platform to help our greater community.

Lex Staley

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