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(Expert in The Wings) Kevin Barbare

(Expert in The Wings)

Kevin Barbare hears voices inside his head. At any given moment out pops Morgan Freeman, Patrick Stewart..or maybe Kelsey Grammar. No need for deep concern for his well being. He just happens to be one of the most talented and entertaining people on the planet and he is our next "Expert in the Wings"

Kevin's career began when he was hired from a morning show in South Carolina to help with a morning show in Massachusetts in 1993. He worked on the WAAF morning show with Greg Hill for 20 years and at many points was part of the top rated male morning show in the market. Recently that time ended in that job and Kevin has been out on his own working hard in the craft that he loves.

His elevator pitch if you are considering him on a project:
"There is no one out there with the range of abilities and experience I have had entertaining people. I am a quick turnaround on national or local humor from song parodies to live interaction. All have been done throughout my career with no prep...that's why I've had such lengthy success."

In the unique position that Kevin is in has a masterful impersonator he has been no stranger to interesting celebrity encounters: " Having William Shatner call me on my birthday because he thought I was a little boy was memorable. Having a "voice off" with one of my boyhood idols Rich Little and sadly kicking his ass. I've also enjoyed doing an impression of someone to their face..everyone from Jeff Goldblum to the late Phil Hartman. So many great celebrity encounters over the years. Very satisfied in that respect."

When asked the question about what he thinks is frequently missing in the day to day operation of radio properties Kevin says: " As of late it seems bigger companies have lost sight of their audience. Not only what they want but what they can't get by listening to an IPOD or CD. It doesn't always have to be local to be entertaining and something people can't wait to hear. It shouldn't just be about fast, cheap and no risk"

As Kevin Barbare looks at the changing face of the industry he thinks of his specialty and how it may serve you: " I've been very lucky to be in the position that what I do appeals to everyone, no matter their age, race or gender. I like to provide laughter or at least start the day making someone smile."

Kevin can be reached at Or find more information about him HERE


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(6/6/2013 4:06:53 PM)
I agree with the article completely. Kevin is missed so much on the Boston airwaves... things haven't been the same since he left. He was the heart and soul of everything clever and funny about the morning show he was on. His Christopher Walken is side splitting... his Ted Kennedy, a classic. I hope to hear him on the airwaves again soon.

- Chris

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