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The REAL Power Of Local.


First, in order for radio to sell more advertisers, radio has to prove radio gets results -- shamefully radio’s most unsold and unmarketed “story.” And for a very simple reason: Getting results for advertisers is not a priority among radio’s largest companies.

It’s all about cash flow, cash flow, and more cash flow. Imagine if we sold and marketed radio today as advertising’s only ad medium “Famous for Getting Results” (no ad medium has ever made that claim!); how business would be today if industry leaders of the past had the foresight to make that a reality? Yet today, dollar-for-dollar, local radio does get better results than any other ad medium. Can’t compete with higher-rated stations and/or clusters in your market? The hell you can’t! Getting results blows away all other considerations including ratings! The first station in your market to become “famous” for getting results, wins! Then, it’s all about marketing.

___ !ncreased leads!
___ !ncreased rentals!
___ !ncreased turnover!
___ !ncreased deposits!
___ !ncreased cash flow!
___ !ncreased credibility!
___ !ncreased enrollment!
___ !ncreased table turns!
___ !ncreased case sales!
___ !ncreased awareness!
___ !ncreased stock turns!
___ !ncreased ticket sales!
___ !ncreased store traffic!
___ !ncreased co-op sales!
___ !ncreased market share!
___ !ncreased subscriptions!
___ !ncreased memberships!
___ !ncreased profits-per-unit!
___ !ncreased customer base!
___ !ncreased big ticket sales!
___ !ncreased weekend sales!
___ !ncreased vendor support!
___ !ncreased storewide sales!
___ !ncreased catalogue sales!
___ !ncreased repeat business!
___ !ncreased accessory sales!
___ !ncreased interactive sales!
___ !ncreased occupancy rates!
___ !ncreased same-store sales!
___ !ncreased department sales!
___ !ncreased fifth season sales!
___ !ncreased promotional sales!
___ !ncreased sales of new lines!
___ !ncreased private label sales!
___ !ncreased regular price sales!
___ !ncreased “loss leader” sales!
___ !ncreased average ticket sale!
___ !ncreased special event sales!
___ !ncreased sales of new brands!
___ !ncreased national brand sales!
___ !ncreased sales per square foot!
___ !ncreased sales of special items!
___ !ncreased sales of new fashions!
___ !ncreased postal code penetration!
___ !ncreased mail and/or phone sales!
___ !ncreased beginning-of-week sales!
___ !ncreased leased department sales!
___ !ncreased perception among voters!   
___ !ncreased sales of advertised items!
___ !ncreased trendy merchandise sales!
___ !ncreased number of website visitors!
___ !ncreased number of credit applications!
___ !ncreased sales of higher margin goods!
___ !ncreased value of the company's brand!
___ !ncreased sales of seasonal merchandise!
___ !ncreased signs of the store's "buzz" appeal!
___ !ncreased sales of overstocked merchandise!
___ !ncreased customer satisfaction survey results!
___ !ncreased attention from the financial community!
___ !ncreased customer data base via credit card applications!
___ !ncreased success countering competitive price comparisons!
___ !ncreased success in getting more floor planning money back!          
___ !ncreased special market sales (military/ethnic/college/global)!
___ !ncreased sales over last year's weakest sales months and weeks!
___ !ncreased spillover sales (sales priced item + additional purchases)!

Dave Gifford has been helping salespeople and sales managers improve their skills for decades. Send a message to Giff here:

(5/22/2013 5:00:18 PM)
Stellar article, Dave. I had no idea of how many aspects of a retailer's business we could enhance. I'm getting tingles. :)

- Ronald T. Robinson

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