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Techsurvey 9: Christian Radio Fans Love To Share


Listeners to Christian radio stations "continue to share and recommend at a record pace," according to Jacobs Media's Techsurvey 9. Jacobs president Fred Jacobs said the improved "net promoter" recommendation score is "a major advantage for stations in the format." Techsurvey 9 also showed that 56 percent of Christian radio listeners now own a smartphone, up 30 percent from Techsurvey 8, and 34 percent have acquired a tablet. That's up a full 56 percent from TS8.

The 9,400 fans surveyed, across 10 stations and the K-LOVE and Air 1 Christian radio networks, are also very social, Jacobs Media reports, with 87 percent having a social networking profile. And they're the most likely of any format group to "like" their favorite station on Facebook. More than one-third of those who have social media profiles are signed up on Twitter and/or Pinterest, which Jacobs Media notes are "major engagement opportunities" for Christian stations.

Christian radio listeners listen to less broadcast radio than average, the survey found, but they also spend more time with their favorite Christian station than most other formats' fans. The main reasons they listen to radio: the music, and -- more than for any other format -- to "get in a better mood." Though they are less likely to listen to Pandora and SiriusXM than other radio listeners, 56 percent of Christian radio fans listen to streaming radio at least weekly, more than any other format but Alternative.

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