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Summer School To Kick Off Conclave


Executive Director Bob Shannon says, Conclave 38 begins with what has become a tradition, the fourth annual Jacobs Media Summer School. This year, as part of our commitment to provide ideas that folks can actually take back to work and use, well learn how winners think, how great morning shows are built, and how non-media companies are using social media in ways radio has never thought of." Summer School will be held July 17.

Jacobs Media President Fred Jacobs said, We have a great lineup for this years Summer School, including the star power of Rockwell inductee Jaye Albright to the legendary Dave Hamilton. Plus, the social media guru from the Mall of America, Bridget Jewell, and Target stores, Joe Curry. And well have great sessions, including social media effectiveness, whats new in mobile apps, and the challenge of the digital dash.

Covered during this years Summer School curriculum:
1. One-to-one with Jaye Albright The Rockwell winner has a great story to tell and in a no-holds-barred conversation, well hear her amazing story, how she and Country have been great partners, what todays radio stations need to do to stay more competitive, and a host of other issues from one of radios brightest minds.

2. Talent Development Jacobs Media has put together a great presentation that addresses setting up, defining, and growing a competitive morning show in any market. Talent is the proprietary ingredient for radio, and this session will focus on getting the best out of radio personalities.

3. Mobile 2.0 Paul Jacobs runs jacAPPS, radios #1 mobile app developer. In this presentation, hell show some new findings from Techsurvey9, and talk about the 2013 state-of-the-art for mobile apps, revenue generation, and how stations can get involved.

4. Simply Social Lori Lewis demystifies social media at the station level. Shell review some top-line Techsurvey9 findings, and then dive in with a simple, straightforward look at the basics, as well as an overview of new social media platforms that should be on radios collective radar screen.

5. Inside the Mind of Dave Hamilton An interview with one of the finest programmers in radio who no one has really heard from in decades. Dave will discuss his programming philosophies, his decades of success with KQRS in Minneapolis radio, managing and growing great talent, and his view on the state of the industry.

6. Jobs To Do What is the audience hiring radio to do in 2013? Channeling the brilliant mind of Clayton Christensen and overlaying new findings about why broadcast radio works from Techsurvey9, Fred Jacobs will help programmers and managers see the medium in a whole new light.

7. Target Social Media Targets social media specialist, Joe Curry, takes us into the backroom of how this amazing retail chain connects with the audience and grows its relationships.

8. Lets Go To The Mall Bridget Jewell is the Mall of Americas PR head and social media pro. This place is like its own city, and Bridget will talk about the challenges of managing the life and culture of the biggest shopping mall in America.

9. Radio and The Connected Car The lions share of radio listening now takes place on four wheels. A look at the landscape, and a deep dive into what the automakers are thinking, doing, and planning. Youll see great video with the movers and shakers of Ford, Cadillac, Fiat, Chevy, Toyota, and others. This is a hot topic that will get Summer School attendees thinking.

10. 10 Things I Know For Sure Journal Broadcastings VP of Programming, Beverlee Brannigan, brings her wealth of experience to Conclave, focusing on stretching, trying to new things, and growing your brands and your careers. And the reality is that broadcast executives are only sure about maybe 20 percent of what they do.  Beverlee will present 10 things shes totally sure about great advice for broadcasters in all markets.

For more information on the Learning Conference and Conclave educational programs, visit Also found on the Conclave website is hotel room reservation information for the Doubletree Park Place Hotel.

The Conclave, a 38-year-old 501(c) 3 non-profit Corporation offers year-round learning to the industry including webinars, a Speakers Bureau, and the annual national media summit Summer Learning Conference. Since 1979, The Conclave has provided over $1 million in media scholarships.