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FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai has turned into a hero for AM Broadcasters. His desire to save the AM band, stemming from his love for AM radio stations, is exactly what AM broadcasters need at such a crucial time. With interference at an all-time high and so many other ways to consume much clearer content, AM radio might simply die without such an important advocate in such an important position. The question is..Is it too late?

Pai told Radio Ink that it's now or never to come up with a plan to clear up that signal. He's hoping to move forward his idea to revitalize the AM band as quickly as possible, however, a short-staffed commission may delay that plan. In the short-term, however, FM translators might be the answer. We asked Pai about the Tell City waiver which has almost become a battle cry for AM broadcasters and might clear the way for more FM translators. Is a blanket power increase for AM's the solution? What about going all digital? Or, is it simply too late to even spend the time trying to save the AM band? Here's our full interview with FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai.

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