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Advertisers Will Pay Premium For Play-By-Play


Advertisers pay a premium for their message to be heard during play-by-play sports, and most who are selling that inventory play up the advantages of being part of those games. And those advantages may be even greater than you think. At Radio Ink's Sports Radio Conference, Research Director Inc. Partner Charlie Sislen will profile the unique characteristics of the play-by-play listener in eight different sports, along with a general profile of the sports radio play-by-play listener.

This presentation -- created in partnership with GfK Mediamark Research & Intelligence -- is more than just socioeconomics and demographics. Sislen will get into detail on the psychographics and purchasing habits of each group, with specifics like these:

Compared to the average adult 18+, those who listen to play-by-play sports on the radio are:
* 33 percent more likely to have a household income of $150,000 or more
* 63 percent more likely to have an individual income of $100,000 or more
* 20 percent more likely to own a home valued at $200,000 or more
* 16 percent more likely to have spent $30,000 or more on an owned or leased vehicle

Sislen says, "Play-by-play radio broadcasts offer an ideal environment for advertisers, and the qualitative buying power of these listeners is unmatched."

Charlie Sislen is a research vet whose career also include a dozen years as VP of marketing and research for Katz's Eastman Radio. While at Eastman he was on the Arbitron Advisory Council and headed up the RAB Goals Research Committee, and earlier in his career worked as a client services rep in Arbitron's ad agency division.

Sislen's exclusive Sports Radio Conference presentation will document the real value of play-by-play listeners and give you more tools to demonstrate exactly how valuable they are to advertisers. These listeners are the ideal consumers, and a path to more revenue for your Sports stations.

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