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Finding The Holes


Your competitors are afraid to tell the truth and the whole truth.

The Internet is one of the greatest sales tools you have at your disposal to create valid business contacts. Researching online, you can usually find your competitors’ entire sales pitch! But more importantly you can also find the holes in their presentations.

Once you have found the "research" source they quote in their presentations, you can search the original research findings to uncover what we call “Error by Omission.”

You see, your friends at Google, Groupon, Facebook, YellowPagesOnline, or a large number of other "new" or "social" media salespeople don’t necessarily lie when they extol their virtues. They just leave out the truth about the integral role your media plays in today’s purchase decisions.

For example, the folks at eMarketer who help online media people sell more digital media, published this research in one of their releases.

…pretty impressive research to the untrained eye!

But we went online and searched the source document quoted at the bottom of the graph. Guess what the last line in the document said? It read, “Traditional media were the biggest motivation for beginning a search on a SmartPhone, followed by word-of-mouth.”

Hmmm…I wonder why eMarketer didn’t publish that conclusion?
And you know in a world where print is dying, which "traditional media" are the most effective.

We owe it to ourselves, our stations, and most importantly to our clients, to not permit our competitors to commit Error by Omission. When you find the original source of the research your competitors use, you can always search it to find a case for radio.

P.S. Quoting your competitors’ research about your merits can actually be more powerful than quoting your research!

Wayne Ens is president of ENS Media Inc,  producer of the SoundADvice radio e-marketing system and the Winning in the New Media Economy revenue development system. He can be reached at

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