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Paul Lane's original choice for a career was not radio. Today he thrives at it. Lane is morning show host on Fred Lundgren's KCAA in San Bernardino, California. He's been with KCAA since 2007 when he was hired as an overnight board op after a stint with KFWB. Today, in addition to the morning show, Lane has major responsibilities at the station, according to Lundgren. "We hired Paul in 2007 and he has been a tremendous asset since his first day on the job. He has great people skills and a self-effacing sense of humor." When you speak to Paul Lane, you immediately pick up on his positive attitude, the love he has for life, and his desire to make great radio. What brought Paul Lane to radio was tragedy. In 1993 he was involved in an automobile accident that left him a quadraplegic.


In 1993 at the age of 22, Paul Lane was involved in a multi-car collision that put him in the hospital for eight months. Lane went from being told he had 72 hours to live to nearly 20 years later living a happy, thriving life. In 1996 he married Rae, his fiancee at the time of the accident, who has been by his side since. A series of events led him to the Academy of Radio and Television Broadcasting in 2006 where he graduated with honors. In 2007, Lane found a home at KCAA 1050 AM in Southern California's Inland Empire, a home where he can express himsel freely, including a wacky sense of humor. It is this humor and positive outlook towards life that not only makes him shine as a radio personality but has enabled him to thrive physically.

Below Lane is pictured with his co-hosts Aaron Sanchez, Bret Malak & Erin Brinker

KCAA CEO Fred Lundgren spoke to Radio Ink about how much Paul means to his radio station. "Paul's life is filled with daily problems that few of us will ever face. The positive way he handles his challanges has become the loadstar of KCAA. In a real way, Paul reflects the can-do spirit of our radio station. Bill Bruns is KCAA's Director of Operations and Paul is next in command. The three of us make decisions together and, hopefully, we get it right most of the time. I give Paul much of the credit. Sometimes Bill tends to be too tough with people and I tend to give away the farm. Paul helps us reach good business decisions that are tempered with empathy and compassion."      
"Paul refers to me as 'Admiral'. He refers to Bill as 'Captain' and we refer to him as 'Number One'. Although our studios at the Carousel Mall are a far cry from The Bridge on the Enterprise, sometimes our programmers resemble the diversity of a gathering on 'Ten Forward' and Paul is equally comfortable with every one of them as they are comfortable with him. When I have a bad day, I will talk with Paul. He will say 'What's up Admiral? How are things going.' I will make some off-the-wall comment like 'life sucks and then we live.' We'll have a good laugh and then decide to get Bill on the line and figure everything out."
"When there is a special guest to be interviewed, I can always depend on Paul to handle it. When an important remote comes up, Paul can handle it. When KCAA needs a promoter and salesman to do some gentle arm twisting, we depend on Paul. When some bad news needs to be delivered, Paul can deliver it without hurting any feelings."

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