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GM And Ford Committed to Radio


The editorial by Radio Ink Publisher Eric Rhoads A Cold Harsh Reality For Radio quoting panelists at Convergence 2013 in Santa Clara has amplified the discussion about the role of AM/FM in future automobile dashboards. Eric's piece has generated pages of feedback from the radio industry and has been shared, liked and tweeted more than any other piece in years. The article prompted a statement from General Motors Chief Infotainment Officer Phil Abram (see below). We also spoke with Jim Buczkowski (pictured) who is the director of Electrical and Electronics Systems at Ford. Listen to what Buczkowski had to say about AM/FM radio in Ford vehicles HERE

Statement from General Motors Chief Infotainment Officer Phil Abram (pictured right).

 "Your March 8 article A Cold, Harsh Reality For Radio came as a surprise to me and the Global Connected Consumer team at General Motors. We are responsible for setting the strategy for infotainment systems across GM. While we are excited about the possibilities of Internet radio services and other emerging services, we understand that AM/FM radio is still a significant source of news and entertainment. In fact, it is an expected feature.

We cant speak for other automakers, but to be clear, GM has no near term plans to eliminate AM and FM from GM vehicles. We are committed to providing consumers innovative services that dramatically enhance the driving and riding experience. We expect AM/FM radio to be one of the choices consumers have in our vehicles.

We know consumers want to be safely connected in their cars, and were enabling it with world-class infotainment platforms, telematics systems and safety services. I invite you to visit our facilities to check out our latest developments.


Phil Abram
Chief Infotainment Officer
General Motors