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Wayne Ens

Selling Yourself


Selling yourself is said to be the oldest profession in the world. But thats not the kind of selling yourself Im talking about.

Im talking about salespeople who try to sell themselves in pursuit of career opportunities.

We are in the midst of recruiting for a station group that is looking for a new marketing executive. I cant believe that differentiation, the single most important and pivotal point in marketing, is being ignored by these marketing professionals.  

Its as if someone said Ignore the rules of marketing when marketing yourself and make your resume look like everybody elses.

Virtually every application we have received follows the same boring format:  name, address, contact info, workplace experience, education, and cover letter. Each followed the sterile format with clinical similarity and credentials. There hasnt been a single cover letter that made me stop in my tracks and say, Wow, I need to call this applicant right away before someone else scoops them!

To me, marketing is just plain common sense: Do something to differentiate yourself from the crowd, tell me why I should choose you, and always under-promise and over-deliver. Thats it, no rocket science here.

You would think a creative marketing professional would find a memorable way of making their resume rise to the top of the pile of the hundreds of resumes weve received so far, and that at least one would be eager enough to convince me why they would be my best choice.

Cant anyone tell me how they will increase my sales or present an amazing success story to differentiate themselves from the crowd? Cant any of these would-be marketing and sales geniuses demonstrate their creative ability to deliver results?   

In a fast-paced marketing world, where salespeople have less face-time with their prospects, its those who can utilize the written word, the Internet and e-marketing, who will get the appointment So you might as well start by demonstrating your marketing and sales ability in your application for a sales position.

Wayne Ens is president of ENS Media Inc,  producer of the SoundADvice radio e-marketing system and the Winning in the New Media Economy revenue development system. He can be reached at