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Did You Know? Radio Doesn't Pay Well.


Forbes Magazine may have been surprised, but many reading this are probably living it. In a story titled "13 Surprisingly Low-Paying Jobs," radio and TV announcers get some ink. "Announcers generally speak or read from scripted materials," the story says, "but their voices and personalities earn them only $40,510 a year, on average. The mean pay is as little as $17,150 for the bottom 10 percent of them. You’ll make less than $27,740 working as a radio or television announcer in Wyoming, Oklahoma, North Dakota, Alabama, and Kentucky—$84,220, on average, in Washington, D.C."

Pay doesn't improve for reporters and correspondents, according to the Forbes story. "Those pros gather news by interview, investigation, or observation and share it with the public. Reporting and writing stories for newspapers, magazines, radio, television, or other mediums will put $43,640 in your wallet each year, or just $20,000 for the bottom 10 percent."

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(3/1/2013 8:24:28 AM)
What is not fully addressed and is equally as depressing is that: considering the vast majority of on-air positions, radio no longer constitutes meaningful work for a grownup.

- Ronald T. Robinson

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