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Roberts Named Best Country PD


As the Country Radio Seminar Kicks off today in Nashville, Radio Ink is honoring the programmers who make the country format one of the most popular with consumers. CBS Radio's Tim Roberts (pictured) of WYCD & WOMC in Detroit has been named the Best Country Program Director in America by Radio Ink Magazine. This is the second year in a row Roberts has won the top spot. Greater Media's Mike Brophey took the second spot and Mike Moore of Entercom's KWJJ-FM in Portland finished third.

Tim is not only one of the hardest-working program directors in the country, hes also one of the smartest says Kenyon, CBS Radio/Detroit SVP and market manager. Between his keen insight into what listeners want and his unparalleled relationships with record labels, artists, and on-air talent, he has elevated 99.5 WYCD-FM to a level that sets the bar for radio stations everywhere.

Using its digital products, WYCD often breaks news stories about country artists, and for the past seven years the station has had a full-time video producer helping the station excel in the digital space. About advancing as a programmer, Roberts says, I think listening to smart people is a great start. Being honest with people and trying to help your staff grow their careers by being better at their craft is very important, and makes you and your brand better! Leading by example is always important, too, and dont be afraid to roll up your sleeves and get down in the trenches, because thats where the battles are won.

Here are the Top Ten for 2013
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#1) Tim Roberts

WYCD & WOMC/Detroit
Person Most Admired: Les Acre

#2) Mike Brophey
Greater Media
Person Most Admired: Larry Augustine,
(Chair/Communications Dept.,
Susquehanna University)

#3) Mike Moore
KWJJ-FM/Portland, OR
Person Most Admired: Johnny Carson

#4) Stephen Stewart
KSD/St. Louis
Clear Channel Music & Entertainment
Person Most Admire: Maryam Durani
(Radio Station Owner in Afghanistan)

#5) Shelly Easton
Beasley Broadcast Group
Person Most Admired: Pretzel Joe
(29-year WXTU Listener)

#6) Gregg Swedberg
Clear Channel/Minneapolis
Person Most Admired: Kenny Chesney

#7) Mike Preston
Person Most Admired: Peter Jennings

#8) Johnny Chiang
Cox Media Group
Person Most Admired: Bill Walsh (Former
Head Coach, San Francisco 49ers)

#9) Jeff Kapugi
PD, WUSN/Chicago
CBS Radio
Person Most Admired: Dan Mason

#10) Travis Moon
KAJA-FM/San Antonio
Clear Channel
Person Most Admired: Roy Hyatte (Mentor)

#11) Mike Kennedy
Wilks Broadcasting
Kansas City
Person Most Admired: Richard Reicherter

#12) Ken Boesen
Beasley Broadcast Group
Person Most Admired: James Taylor

#13) Bruce Logan
WSSL & WESC/Greenville, SC
WTQR/Greensboro, NC
Clear Channel Media + Entertainment
Person Most Admired: Bill Clinton

#14) Byron Kennedy
CBS Radio
Person Most Admired: Abraham Lincoln

#15) Lisa McKay
Curtis Media Group
Person Most Admired: Bill and Melissa Gates

#16) Bob Richards
Emmis Communications
Person Most Admired: John Wooden

#17) Mike Culotta
CBS Radio
Person Most Admired: John Wooden

#18) Jeff Garrison
CBS Radio
Person Most Admired: Blake Shelton

#19) Grover Collins
Hubbard Radio
Person Most Admired: Neil Peart (Drummer for Rush)

#20) Matty Jeff
WPOR/Portland, ME
Saga Communication
Person Most Admired: Winston Churchill

#21) Dave Dunaway
Director of Programming
Guaranty Broadcasting
Baton Rouge
Person Most Admired: Rusty Walker

#22) Julie Stevens
KRTY/San Jose
Empire Broadcasting
Person Most Admired: Nate Deaton (KRTY GM)

#23) M. Fletcher Brown
WXFL & WLVS/Florence-Muscle Shoals, AL
Big River Broadcasting
Person Most Admired: Dr. Janet McMullen (College

#24) Tonya Campos
KKGO/Los Angeles
Mt. Wilson Broadcasters
Person Most Admired: Oseola McCarty
(Washerwoman from Mississippi).

#25) Mike Shipman
Forcht Broadcasting
Person Most Admired: Larry Lujack