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RAB Reports Q4 Revenue Increased 4%


According to the Radio Advertising Bureau, radio ended 2012 with a Q4 revenue increase of 4 percent over 2011. The RAB says radio took in $4.349 billion in Q4 and a total in 2012 of $16.48 billion. The $16.48 billion is an increase over 2011 of 1 percent.

RAB President and CEO Erica Farber said, The resurgent automotive industry and the closely-contested presidential political race provided the main impetus for 2012s positive spot performance. Our medium also enjoyed strong increases in Q4 spending by advertisers in the key communications and financial services categories. The continued stellar showing of the digital sector up 11 percent in Q4 and with an 8 percent edge over 2011 full year underscores the fact that the radio industry is finding additional ways to monetize these streams and that advertisers are taking advantage of new platforms to reach our listeners."

Here are some stats and categories from the RAB report.

Revenue Comparisons   2012 vs. 2011 (In Millions)
Revenue           $Q4 '12          % Chg           $FY '12              % Chg
Spot                   3,750              4%                 14,205                  1%
Digital                   206               11%                767                      8%
Off-Air                  393               -1%                1,510                    1%
Grand Total          4,349              4%                  16,482                 1%

Radios Top 5 Categories in 2012

Categories posting the biggest gains in Q4 2012 (excluding political advertising):
Professional Services +17%
Communications +15%
Financial Services +15%
Home Furnishings/Floor Coverings +14%
Concerts/Theater/Movies + 9%

The leading gainers for the full year included:
Home Furnishings/Floor Coverings + 9%
Auto Dealers/Dealer Groups/Manufacturers + 8%
Health Care + 7%

Radios Top 10 Q4 advertisers come from seven different categories and nine of them also make the Top 10 list for the year:
Q4 Rank (Full Year Rank)
Comcast XFinity Cable Service 1 (1)
T-Mobile 2 (3)
McDonalds 3 (2)
Verizon Wireless 4 (5)
AT&T 5 (4)
Walmart 6 (10)
Safeway 7 (6)
Honda Dealer Association 8 (12)
Toyota Dealer Association 9 (7)
GEICO Insurance Company 10 (8)


(2/15/2013 11:36:34 AM)
The RAB had previously published an annual spend for 2011 of $17,396M. This includes $1,136M of Network.
I don't understand how an annual spend of $16,482M represents an increase over 2011. Thoughts?

- Heberto

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