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RAB Predicts Revenue Growth Less Than 1% in 2013


In her first monthly e-mail to members, RAB CEO Erica Farber says, "the current RAB revenue forecast for 2013 shows radio with an overall growth of just under 1%. We are seeing first hand that there is a renewed interest in radio as advertisers and agencies are seeing radio's ability to drive results across all platforms." Farber also said the 2012 revenue report will be issued on February 15th.

(2/6/2013 11:22:12 AM)
Please. Let's not start with "Same old, Same old." There isn't any "renewed interest," blah, blah.
Why not issue a statement saying " With radio's anemic, less-than-one percent gain over last January, it is obvious that we need to get out on the street and pitch bigger, all-radio advertising plans. This multi-platform crap isn't working. I head the RADIO Advertising Bureau, not the Multi-Platform Bureau."

- Phil
(2/6/2013 6:54:07 AM)
Is the RAB happy with the less than 1% growth? It sounds like they're putting a positive spin on their prediction. Were they expecting a revenue decline? Didn't a recent Radio Ink poll of sales managers predict a 10% increase? How accurate have their past predictions been?

- Matt

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