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Arbitron Sues Cleveland TV Station


Arbitron has filed a lawsuit against WKYC-TV in Cleveland alleging copyright infringement after getting a copy of the TV station's media kit. Arbitron says in the lawsuit, "WKYC-TV has willfully and intentionally infringed Arbitron’s copyrights by copying and distributing copyrighted audience estimates obtained from the Arbitron Reports and Databases without authorization from Arbitron. Moreover, WKYC-TV has infringed Arbitron’s trademarks by willfully and intentionally using the Arbitron Marks in its promotional activities."

Read the entire Arbitron complaint HERE

Arbitron says it obtained a copy of a media kit, calling it "a collection of promotional materials and PowerPoint slides used in sales presentations–distributed by WKYC-TV entitled “Bringing Local Internet Radio Advertising to Cleveland. Upon information and belief, the Media Kit is part of an effort by WKYC-TV to sell advertising time on its station together with time on Pandora (“Pandora”), an Internet radio service. WKYC has falsely represented that certain audience estimates were produced by Arbitron when, in fact, those audience estimates were not produced by Arbitron, causing confusion in the minds of the public."

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