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Facebook Provides Cox With Instant Feedback


When 97X in Tampa decided to focus on more music and less personality, Facebook provided the station with instant feedback. The LDR platform allows listeners to choose the music. While not all of the feedback was negative, it's clear not everyone wants to be a Program Director. Some of the comments hit radio square in the heart, as listeners tell radio to be exactly what radio brags it is, local personality-driven entertainment.

Here are some of the comments from the 97X Facebook page

Joel Raven writes "Explain to me why this is better than Pandora. A station where I can vaguely control what music is played? New music will never get a shot. Nobody can vote while driving and a car is a primary radio location. My suggestion is keep the voting system but bring back the on-air personalities and give them a huge raise. How did Cox not learn from 'The Bone' that personalities are what make radio stations interesting?! You could even combine the two. 'Vote on what topic Drew and Seth talk about next.' 'Vote which crossed the line question was the best today.' It's freaking perfect for talk show interaction as well as music."

Brenda Snyder Harrison posted, "I'm not feeling it yet Joel and Danielle -- definitely looking forward to a little less Samantha, but missing the human touch. I can simply listen to my Pandora if I want to avoid the human connection."

Suzanne Bach, wrote "Maybe it's just me -- but I don't care about hearing myself on the radio or what color you paint your walls. Clearly you guys are trying to hit a different demographic (i.e. reality TV show junkies that love to 'vote' on stuff). I've been listening since day 1 with Fisher and Napleon and will greatly miss the personalities and the morning show. I feel like I have lost some friends. Major sadness over this decision."

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