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LDR To Power Cox Tampa Rocker


Cox's 97X in Tampa will now allow listeners to take control of its music programming around the clock. Using Listener Driven Radio, 97X will turn its programming entirely over to its audience through its app and website. PD Mike Sharkey said, "The way we communicate has been reinvented in front of our eyes with social media. And today we are injecting that experience into radio and giving our radio station to the listeners.”

Listeners choose a song they want to hear from an expanded playlist of over 1,800 songs and vote on the 97X app or website. The new expanded playlist covers 30 years of rock music with deeper cuts from albums and artists not typically heard on the station before. The station will also leverage social media with the new music voting feature to keep listeners connected to the station. The app has unique features such as Open Mic where listeners can record and upload a song introduction. The listener receives a text notification to let them know when their song introduction will air, which they can then share with their social networks.

(1/22/2013 12:00:17 AM)
After months of having hair washing down the shower drain, clogs develop. The question becomes one of who gets to retrieve that foul, ratty clump.

Radio ownership and management may be able to claim, "We have people who do that." But, less and less so.

Radio audiences, however, don't do that and won't do that.It is up to station management to clear up the messes they continuously insist on making.

These moronic and cynical machinations are an embarrassment to the smart, quiet and fearful folks who still remain in the business. Plus, I shouldn't have to be one that points out how truly insulting management are being towards audiences.

Watching radio stations attempt to participate online is like viewing a parade of pervs in tattered trench coats as they flash & dash.

- Ronald T. Robinson
(1/21/2013 1:54:59 PM)
What a cynical, manipulative and patronizing scam. 1800 cuts from which to choose!? Big freakin' whoop. At least Programming has been supplied a new foil for when it all hits the shitoire: "It's the audience's fault! They picked the tunes!"

Did anybody graduate from anything other than Sandbox 101? Or, were they just moved through the system...?

- Ronald T. Robinson

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