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Pandora Users Created 1.6 Billion Stations


In his latest blog posting, founder Tim Westergren says Pandora users created 1.6 billion stations in 2012 and listened to over one million different songs by more than 100,000 different artists. Westergren writes, "When we created the Music Genome Project thirteen years ago, we had a dual purpose: connect people with music they love and help talented artists find their audiences. We knew if we could get the first part right, the second would naturally follow."

Westergren also reports that over 10,000 artists had more than 250,000 unique listeners, and consumers listened to over 13 billion hours of music. "We believe that all great music deserves an audience. And we hear every day from artists that Pandora is helping them find that audience. It's incredibly exciting for us... and to think we've only just begun."

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